May 29, 2008

Night Moves

Night Moves

Starring Gene Hackman with Melanie Griffiths and James Woods

Directed by Arthur Penn


Gene Hackman's career is close to its 50th Anniversary, starting in 1959. This 1975 Warner Brothers production is a bit of a soap opera, but it is also a self aware one. The fact that it concerns the L.A. art and movie scene makes the self references meaningful and the soap makes this some fun 1970's popcorn. James Woods is very young in this movie, and Melanie Griffiths, even younger.

Moseby plays a straight up guy dealing with some rather nefarious dealings concerning the trust child daughter (Griffiths) of a former minor hollywood actress. His office, I believe, is the same one used by the TV series Starsky and Hutch.

May 7, 2008

New Legal Category

I've decided to add a new law related category - adding just a bit more of a 'law and economics' touch to the blog - albeit a diffuse one. I've never studied the subject formally, but I've picked up a bit of the essence of the subject from folks like State Attorney General Rob McKenna and former UW Econ professor Paul Heyne. The 'law and punishment' title is a play on the popular NBC series, 'Law and Order' - consider this is you will as the same theme, but with a bit of Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment' thrown in. One more note on Professor Heyne - one of his pet causes was bringing economics education into the social studies curriculums of public high schools. That sounds like a good idea to me, and perhaps a way to get just a touch more math into schools through more than just the standard math class.

Hilary Clinton for President

I've been going back and forth between Hillary and McCain for most of this election cycle - both have very definite strong points as well as weaknesses. Obama is an intriguing speaker and has the potential of being a leader as inspiring as Kennedy or Reagan, but that's potential, and the downside risk is not small. One of the reasons I've settled on Hillary as my candidate is my decision, on balance, to support Republican Dino Rossi in the Washington State Governor's race. McCain as a leader of our Military is an improvement over Cheney/Bush. But that is a decision we should've made 8 years ago - and at this point the military establishment in this country is in need of a good whipping. McCain isn't the person to dole out that punishment. McCain's admitted lack of knowledge of economic issues and the tremendous amounts of debt this country has taken on to the profiteering of Haliburton, et al is not something to take lightly. The run for the corporate republicans, including the oil companies, to grab as much as they can in the last months of George W.'s regime is more than insulting. In spite of the 'mainstream corporate media's' dissing of Ms. Clinton's chances the question of Florida and Michigan has not been analyzed nor presented. I'm not enough of a politico to have the desire to look into it myself, but I do believe that she leads in those States. The placing of the party's rule book over the will of the voters of these States is also shameful. I do think that Obama should be selected as her Vice President and given the chance to fullfill, with low risk, the promise this truly remarkable young man holds.

April 25, 2008

House for Sale


Doug waits anxiously for the Acme Real Estate Agency to bring him a buyer....

MLS Listing of my house

The remodel work is mine. It's a bit rougher than it looks in the pictures, but not bad. It did take longer than I orginally thought, hence the sale right now.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

By Alexander McCall Smith


Rhodesian born European McCall Smith somehow channels Oprah Winfrey into an entrepeneurial African Native in a successful emerging free market democracy. Mma Ramotswe is a businesswoman, make no doubt about it. And her P-I business gives McCall Smith a platform of social commentary.

One of those lessons is that men are dogs, and this can be tiring in traditional english literature. However these flaws are well presented here. I'm not enough of an African expert to say whether the profile of character here is one central to the success of this African nation, but if so, this is truly a guiding work.

Certainly quite the opposite effect to what Christine Gregoire is doing to the State of Washington right now.

Blame it on Rio

Blame it on Rio

Starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore

Directed by Stanley Donen


This is another historical sexual oddity. No way would this ever get produced today, save perhaps something similar in the adult genre. In one of her first roles Demi Moore plays 17 year old daughter to Michael Caine - both go on a vacation to Rio with their mutual best friends, another father/daughter pair.

Caine and his best friend's daughter seduce each other. Hillarity ensues, as one might imagine it. Movie includes a fair number of topless shots, but alas, not of Ms. Moore.

April 23, 2008

Good Day on Crosscut

Crosscut can put forth some of the worst seattle centric limousine liberal right wing conspirator friendly propoganda - but at the same time they also manage to occassionally publish stuff from some of the best.

Today I commented on three pieces, a great example of this profile.

A piece by Hugh Spitzer is an example of some of the worst:

Hugh Spitzer on the Constitution

An op-ed by former WSDOT Director Douglas MacDonald is an example of some of the best:

Douglas MacDonald on Transportation and Realistic Growth Management

What Crosscut will actually mean to the NW is perhaps best foreshadowed by a piece by Business Manager Yazmin Mehdi.

Yazmin Mehdi writing about business

April 17, 2008



Starring Richard Burton

with Peter Firth and Jenny Agutter, and a horse

Directed by Sydney Lumet from a Play by Peter Schaeffer


I believe in the future historians will have a field day with this film as an expose of the ethos of the era. Today, those perspectives are a bit droll, especially at the begining. The movie does still engage, and builds from there..

I'd put it in a class with 'Last Tango in Paris' for its frankness. This story is about a young man making his way into the sexual world. Richard Burton plays his psychiatrist and is not totally out of the Story. Like Brando in Tango he may well be ending his sexual life.

The movie does contain full frontal nudity, male and female.

April 15, 2008

Two Versions of the Law

A credible source pointed out this minor little detail, with far reaching effects.

In the early 1980's the Washington State Bar made some changes to the 'Rules of Professional Conduct' (RPC), including 3.3 D. This rule concerns the necessity of a legal professional reporting the illegal behavior of a client, including, perhaps most saliently, another Lawyer.

Washington State Bar Rules

Section 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal


(d) If the lawyer has offered material evidence and comes to know of its
falsity, and disclosure of this fact is prohibited by Rule 1.6, the lawyer
shall promptly make reasonable efforts to convince the client to consent
to disclosure. If the client refuses to consent to disclosure, the lawyer
may seek to withdraw from the representation in accordance with Rule 1.16.

American Bar Association Model Rules

Section 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal


d) In an ex parte proceeding, a lawyer shall inform the tribunal of all material facts known to the lawyer that will enable the tribunal to make an informed decision, whether or not the facts are adverse.

You may be aware that just before I started this blog I filed a bar complaint against John McKay. This was, as former Seattle City Attorney (or Rudy Giulianni) would put it - a 'little thing'. Specifically I raised a legal point about the profession's responsibility to the public as spelled out in the Constitution. Personally I'm most concerned about the financial aspect of this - called 'fiduciary responsibility'. This complaint though focuses on election law and illustrates the same problem - the law does not believe they have any responsibility whatsoever to the public.

Consider, if you will, just how this fact might overlay with the changes in Bar Rules implemented by our local profession. Say 'WA', eh?

The McKay Bar documents are here, here, and here.
(These were originally referenced in my blog in my first post ever - 6 months ago, to the day.)

April 14, 2008

My Black Baptism

In reflecting on comments regarding the Dalai Lama I realize I made an ommission about my religious influences - and a great little story.

I worked for a year as a legal messenger - S. King and Pierce County every day - plus legal service in SE Seattle, a large minority area. The biggest thing volume wise were these small claim suits over bounced parking checks. The biggest dollar wise was probably New Hope Baptist church.

New Hope had been burned a few years earlier and the suit was regarding the construction loan to rebuild, which they had defaulted on, or some such. The reverend, Robert Jeffries, is known as an activist type - taking on Nordstrom most notably. Though he might be a bit of a Jeremiah Wright type he also worked closely with the mostly white Church Council of Greater Seattle. I didn't know him well, but we had met, and I liked him.

In order to get ahold of people for the legal service I had to show up just prior to the Sunday Church service. So imagine, if you will, the white boy entering perhaps the most radical successful black church in Washington when the most faithful have already gathered. Key the church choir warming up and the church elders gathered at the Baptism pool. This is where I needed to wait, until that morning's baptisms were completed. The one face I remember was an early teen female getting the fear of god put into her followed by a quick dunk.

I don't know if that writing captures the experience, but it was certainly quite memorable.


Curiously my earliest memory ever is of playing with black children at one of the first Head Start programs, I believe just as that program was getting started. Mom had been a social worker in L.A. County, getting promoted to supervisor just before getting pregnant with me. She volunteered for this Head Start program - perhaps with an eye to a job.

My memory is mixed - I do think there was some sort of an incident - nothing any more significant than any other non-racial playground incident. I remember that vaguely - the two strongest memories are more emotional ones - I remember stopping going and Mom's emotional state as we left. I was sad about leaving, even in spite of the incident. The overwhelming memor was one of curiosity - of having kids to play with that were very different from me and trying to figure out what it all meant.